20 Hrs Lane Booking - Membership
20 Hours Membership Pricing : This is our fine pricing for individual and teams who wants to use batting lanes for long term. The cost per hour is $51.96 including tax.

Customer purchasing 20 hours in advance.
20 Hours can be split in 1 or 2 hours of booking for a day.
No multiple dates booking allowed.
Expires in 1 year from the purchase of the package
Total Cost $1039.20 including tax.
Upfront fee $839.20 Outstanding $200 has to be paid in denomination of $10 for each hour of booking.
Separate link will be sent via email / text for booking at a price of $10 for 1 hour.
Bowling Machine available $10 per hour to be paid at the front desk. Machine can be requested at front desk. No separate booking link.
No charge for bowling machine for youth under age 16
No Cancellation once lane is booked under any circumstances unless arena is closed.
Date and Location
Sunday 31 December 2023, 23:00
Lords Indoor Sports
2621 Summit Ave # 200
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