8 Hrs Lane Booking - Membership
8 Hour Membership Pricing : This offer works out best for individual and teams who wants to use batting lanes more often. The cost per hour is $54.25 including tax.

Customer purchasing 8 hours in advance.
8 Hours can be split in 1 or 2 hours of booking for a day.
No multiple dates booking allowed.
No expiry for usage of 8 hours.
Total Cost $433.00 including tax.
Upfront fee $353. Outstanding $80 has to be paid in denomination of $10 for each hour of booking.
Separate link will be sent via email / text for booking at a price of $10 for 1 hour.
Bowling Machine Complimentary.

Date and Location
Saturday 31 December 2022, 23:00
Lords Indoor Sports
2621 Summit Ave # 200
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